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Countless Allied students have successfully completed their Medical Courses and readied themselves for a successful career. Find out what they have to say about Allied and how the school helped them train for a career in the medical field.

  What Medical Billing Students Have To Say

"My time as an Allied Business School student was filled with rewarding challenges. During 12 months of study I completed five course covering Medical Coding/Billing, Medical Insurance Billing and Advanced Medical Terminology. The staff at Allied was there every step of the way; ensuring that not only did I meet my own education/career goals but that I superseded my goals! It has been 18 months since I completed my courses and there has been an endless stream of occupational opportunities presented to me. My overall goal is to own my own medical coding/billing company serving the local physicians that have come to work for. My advice for future/current Allied students is simply this; don't stress and enjoy this experience for all that it's worth. Allied is devoted to and cares for its students no matter what background you come from. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had with Allied that I recommend the school to everyone I meet that wants to further their skills. ”

Amanda Flores - Crestview, FL | Check out more 5-Star ratings!


  What Medical Billing Students Have To Say

"Hi, my name is Monalisa and I enrolled in Allied Business School a few years ago. I wanted to start a new career in Medical Billing. As a new mom I needed an acredited school with flexible hours and a flexible completion time. Allied offered this and more. The course work was easy to understand and someone was always availble when I needed help. My career counsellor helped to build my resume, cover letter and supplied a letter of recommendation. In addition my resumes were sent to several businesses on my behalf. If you're looking for a schools that offers training, support and people who actually care about your future, then Allied Business School is the place for you!
I have been working as a Medical Biller for 2 years now and I am enjoying the experience."

Monalisa Deaton - Kingsport, TN | Check out more 5-Star ratings!


When I decided to take a medical billing course, I called and researched many different schools in the country. This one seemed the most comprehensive. I wasn't disappointed."

Thomas Bruen, Whitestone, NY

I highly recommend Allied Schools. I believe that their pricing is reasonable, and the payment options helpful. So far, I have taken two courses, and I am very satisfied with the course materials and friendly, courteous, and professional staff. They work towards your success. Thank God for their encouragement!”

Suzanne Staples, Brooklyn, NY

I never imagined being in school again since high school. I am glad I heard about Allied through the army program they have for spouses. I just hope I have as much help in the other courses I have to take as I did in this class. I had the best help and notes and material through this school. I highly recommend it."

Dannell Johnson Zavala, Puyallup, WA

Even though I've been in the medical field over 14 years, this course provided more in-depth studies than when I first started my profession in the field. Great learning experience for me. I'm looking forward to starting a part-time job at home which, may in time become full-time."

Dewain Cook, Blountstown, FL

I had researched several other schools and thought Allied's pricing seemed fair and more competitive for the quality education I would be receiving."

Amy Irwin, Advance, NC

The course was very challenging. I was always able to talk to helpful people on the phone. I worked much harder than I had originally expected to. Thank you so much for helping me achieve this academic goal."

Tami Lopez, Rocklin, CA

So far through this course, I have been able to understand the material completely and helps me with my daily tasks at my current job as a medical billing specialist. I look forward to moving ahead and completing the whole course of Medical Coding!”

Lacey Tex, Owaneco, IL

The representatives that I worked with through my course work were very helpful. They answered my questions immediately when I needed the information. They were very patient when I was frustrated and tired. Thank you.”

Debra Tucker, Grand Junctiion, CO

Access to a courteous staff was helpful when I needed to call. Also, encouragement was really nice. I am not a "needy" student, but when I need help I expect to have it there. I felt supported even though you are clear across the country!”

Patricia Page, Alexandria, KY

Allied was AWESOME! It was exactly what they said it was and a lot more. Highly recommended!”

Timothy Hunt, Manlius, IL

I needed a school that offered payment programs.”

Aimee Hill, Stockton, CA

Allied school has been very rewarding and helpful in making sure there students get the best education in whatever career choice you decide. The outcome is that they assure you and give you the confidence you need to graduate and pass your courses.”

Latisha Roberson, Fort Bragg, NC

This has given me great motivation for the new career change I am seeking now. I am very excited to complete the course and begin a new career.”

Donna White, St. Marys, GA

I enjoyed the freedom of studying a home based course of study. It allowed flexibility for life events which occurred throughout the time of the course.”

Nancy Ziegler, Livermore, CA

I love this school very much. I was able to achieve things and learn in ways I thought I never would. I am definitely going to recommend this school to all my friends. I am very happy.”

Raundena Smith, Chicago, IL

I was able to stay home with my child and go to school.”

Kelly Spencer, Oceanside, CA

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